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Green City is a leading company specializing in energy ​management and efficiency solutions. With a strong focus ​on sustainability, Green City is dedicated to helping ​businesses and organizations reduce their energy ​consumption and carbon footprint. Through innovative ​technologies and tailored strategies, Green City empowers ​clients to optimize their energy usage, lower costs, and ​contribute to a greener future. Discover how Green City can ​transform your energy management approach today!

Our Products

Solar panel with outdoor LED light
Solar water heater
Smart home automation system: Celsius temperature multimedia thermostat

Solar LED Lighting

Solar Water Heaters

Smart Home Automation

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Installation, operation ​& Maintenance

We specialize in installing, operating, and maintaining ​industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and solar energy ​systems. Our dedicated team provides tailored services using ​advanced technology and best practices to ensure timely and ​cost-effective project completion. Emphasizing sustainability ​and energy efficiency, we aim to reduce costs and promote a ​greener future. From energy audits to custom designs and ​ongoing support, our professionals deliver quality results ​with attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Join us to ​create high-performing, sustainable environments for a ​brighter tomorrow.

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BIM Services

Visualizing your project in intricate detail allows for better ​decision-making and helps minimize expensive mistakes. We ​aim to empower you to enhance your projects significantly, ​from design to completion.

With a clear vision and comprehensive understanding of each ​phase, you can anticipate challenges and devise effective ​solutions before they become obstacles. Our tools and ​resources are designed to support you every step of the way, ​ensuring that your project is not only completed successfully ​but also exceeds expectations. Whether you're an ​experienced professional or just starting out, we provide the ​insights and guidance needed to turn your ideas into reality ​with confidence and precision. Let's build something ​remarkable together.

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Home Decoration

We are your trusty sidekick in transforming dreams into jaw-​dropping designs! Dive into our world of spellbinding layouts ​and mind-blowing 3D Max creations, where we specialize in ​turning wild ideas into reality.

Our team of wizards is here to sculpt spaces that scream ​your style - be it a snug home nest, a cutting-edge office ​haven, or a jaw-dropping outdoor oasis. We obsess over the ​nitty-gritty details and swear by quality, ensuring each project ​is not just a feast for the eyes but also super practical and ​eco-friendly.

Let's team up, wave our design wands, and make your dream ​space a living, breathing masterpiece! 🎨✨

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